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Buying A Handicap Van

Having mobility issues can severely limit your ability to function in life. Getting in vehicles can be particularly challenging for individuals with these issues. While there are vehicles available that are designed with the needs of handicapped individuals in mind, there are some considerations to review before starting the process of buying one of these vehicles.

Consider The Benefits Of Opting For A Van With A Lift

If you or your loved one will need to use a wheelchair, investing in a vehicle with a chairlift can be worth the additional costs. This lift will allow a person to roll their wheelchair onto the platform so that it can raise them high enough to enter the vehicle. In addition to the benefit of making it easier to get in a vehicle, this lift can also allow a handicapped individual to enter and exit a vehicle while still retaining their dignity and avoiding the risks of making a spectacle.

Buy Warranty Coverage For The Lift

Problems with the mechanical devices that control the lift can require professional repairs to correct. While individuals will often appreciate the need for reviewing the warranty coverage for their vehicle, they may fail to review this information for the lift of their handicap van. These components will often have a separate warranty that is administered by the lift's manufacturer.

Be Aware Of Any Driving Aids For Handicapped Individuals

Depending on the type and extent of the disability, a person may still be able to operate the vehicle as long as they have aids to help with controlling the vehicle. If you will need these aids to operate the vehicle, you should prepare a list of what you will need. The availability of these features will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but being able to provide this information to the dealership can help them to narrow the potential vehicles for you to review.

Understand The Insurance Needs For A Handicap Van

Handicap vans are often more expensive than traditional cars, and they will have equipment that can be damaged in an accident. These factors make it important to insure the van with a policy that can provide enough compensation to cover the full extent of the damages suffered by your handicap van. In addition to the raw monetary amounts, opting for an insurance policy that uses replacement value can ensure you receive enough money to replace the van. In contrast, policies that use market value to calculate payments will base these calculations on the value of the van after the accident.

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