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Things To Consider When Buying A Used Commercial Truck

Purchasing your first semi-truck and becoming an independent carrier is a significant milestone for many truck drivers. The cost of a new truck can make it harder to achieve this goal, but many used heavy-duty trucks on the market could make that dream a reality. 

Truck Type

When you are considering buying your first truck, you need to decide if you want a specific brand or if the truck specs are more important to you. The types of loads you will haul may dictate the engine, transmission, and chassis needs of the truck you are shopping for.  Deciding how you will use it is often the best starting point. 

Many commercial trucks use similar engines with pretty competitive power ranges, but there are some optional engines that are much larger installed in some trucks to accommodate heavy and oversized loads. If you are considering hauling heavy cargo, you may want to look for one of these larger engines and a gearbox with at least eighteen gears. 

The drive axles and suspension should also be taken into consideration. A truck with both rear axles that are powered will provide more traction and pulling power than trucks with only one powered axle. For extremely heavy loads, look for a semi-truck with a third axle on the chassis that can help spread more of the load weight across the frame. 

Used Truck Dealers

When you arrive at the truck dealer, you may want to sit down and discuss what you are looking for and what they have available. The used commercial truck dealer can show you the trucks available that meet your needs and fit your budget. 

There may be many different brands and styles that you have a chance to look over, and buying used trucks allows you to pick and choose from that variety of trucks. Once you find one that you feel is a good fit, you need to go over it carefully, looking for any damage that could be costly to repair. 

Ask the dealer if the truck has had an inspection since coming into the yard. Often, used commercial trucks will have some wear and tear that is not obvious, but if the dealership does a full inspection, they can typically give you a report of what they found. 

Checking things like the air filters, the fuel filters, and the tires is an excellent way to tell if the previous owner maintained the truck well and if you should take a chance on it. The dealer may offer a warranty on the trucks they sell, so ask about it when looking at what they have. Don't be afraid to make an offer below the asking price if you feel the truck needs a little work. 

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