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The Art of Letting Go: Why You Shouldn't Hold On to Old Cars

Minimalism is all the rage these days, but some items are harder to let go than others. It's easy to toss out old, useless junk when you're cleaning a closet, but sometimes you stumble onto something that's just too cherished to dump into the trash. Maybe it's a torn-up pair of jeans that you love or some dusty old childhood toys that haven't seen the light of day in years.

Items like this can be heartbreaking to consign to the rubbish bin, but cars are even more challenging to send on their way. Cars aren't just piles of metal. Cars are collected memories of road trips, commutes, and the adventures of everyday life. Unfortunately, there always comes a time to let go, and for old vehicles, it may come sooner than you think. If you've got an old car sitting around on your lawn, these signs may indicate that it's time to say goodbye.

It's Rusting Out

Although it can be a painful fact for may car owners to accept, rust is a virtually unsolvable problem. While it is usually possible for a skilled auto body shop to repair minor rust, major rust correction often requires extensive and expensive work. Even on classic cars, severe cases of rust usually are not worth the trouble of fixing. If you have an older car that is slowly succumbing to this destructive problem, then it is likely time to let it go. Once rust takes hold, it will usually continue to progress until it affects not only the appearance but the safety of your vehicle. Cars with rust are challenging to sell for precisely this reason, making them a prime candidate for the junkyard.

It Costs More Than It's Worth

At some point, every vehicle requires more money in maintenance and repairs than its value can justify. Once this happens, it no longer makes financial sense to continue to pour money into it. While the cost of a new car can be prohibitive, it is often cost-effective to buy a used, but slightly more modern vehicle that will be more reliable and require less in upkeep costs. It can certainly be tough to send a perfectly good car off to the junkyard for cold financial reasons, but your wallet will thank you for the effort.

You Aren't Doing Anything With It

There's nothing sadder than a car that sits unused in someone's yard. Maybe you had initially intended to use the vehicle for a project, or perhaps you never got around to fixing a fatal problem. Whatever the case, allowing a car to sit and rust out is terrible for the environment, bad for your home's value, and bad for your wallet. The easiest way to solve all of those problems is to junk that old heap and enjoy the cash that ends up in your pocket as a result.

If you want to junk your car, find a good junkyard service.